Jubileum House

Jubileum House


Even fairly simple solutions can save time, money and solve complications. At Jubileum House (retail, office and residential building) we recently worked a bit of magic 😉

– New “smart” electrical meters to split the consumption of HVAC between the office and retail parts for transparent and simplified billing.
– Splitting of cooling units between retail and offices (calorimeters).
– Evaluation of the feasibility of installing “free-cooling” in the building.
– Recommending the installation of frequency inverters (demand driven regulation of power to the AHU’s – not only on/off).
– CO2 sensor regulation.

Critical with these projects is the supervision between two professions: HVAC and BMS. The HVAC engineer dictates the minimums/maximums and the BMS engineer integrates the converters, pressure differentials and CO2 sensors so that the air-handling units efficiently regulate the output according to air quality.

Result: better building operating efficiency, transparent and easy billing, healthier air. ROI in just a few months!!