Transition to Sustainable Operations

Transition Management

We leverage the latest in AI (autonomous building management software) to gather valuable insights into the operation of your building’s heating, ventilation and cooling systems. As the system learns, through the collection of information from thousands of data points (including weather and occupancy data), tiny adjustments are automatically made that enable the optimisation of HVAC assets. The resulting continuous improvement in energy optimisation often means return on investment can be counted in months, not years.

Gaps often form when a building transitions from one stage to another. Information is lost in the shuffle and critical roles and responsibilities go unfulfilled. This ultimately leads to a reactive mindset from the very beginning of a building’s life. We flip that scenario and see transition as an opportunity to take responsibility, manage change and provide a balance of technology and technical expertise to move from the reactive current state to an ideal future state – one without waste.

AI building optimiser with remote monitoring

Continuous BMS commissioning

Active energy management (AEM)

Operations management training

Testing and balancing (TAB)

Asset tagging

Long-term capital planning