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Master Systems Integrator (MSI)

An MSI links different equipment, network systems and critical infrastructure in a building into a harmonised platform. Regardless of whether a refurbishment or new build project, an MSI is a vital part of the team.

Building owners and managers should rest assured knowing they have a knowledgeable partner who understands the complexities of today’s technologies. Where to focus capital and the reasoning behind it can mean the difference between successful results and underperforming assets.

An MSI ideally enters the project at the design phase and consults every step of the way. They manage different parts of a building, across operational technology (OT) and IT and should be knowledgeable on different integrated systems, manufacturers, designs, and industry best practices.

“An MSI is a team of engineers that manages the integration and implementation of all building technologies; from HVAC and access control systems to building automation. They’re completely hands-on and utilise critical data, such as energy consumption and equipment operating data, to manage actionable changes to buildings in the real world.”

Building management systems (BMS)

Energy management systems (EMS)

“Smart” energy metering

Heating, ventilation & cooling (HVAC)

IoT sensors and devices

Lighting, shading systems

Elevators, escalators

CCTV, security & access control (ACS)

Parking systems integration

UPS, backup systems

Solar power integration

EV/battery charging systems integration

Building Apps