IGY Centrum “health-check”

IGY Centrum “health-check”


Although the IGY Centrum is a fairly new building, the owner was keen to get an external opinion concerning the operating standard and current facility management practices.

We performed our “heath-check” service that consisted of spending an entire day going through the HVAC plant and studying the control and BMS system settings/algorithms and earmarking areas for potential improvements. On the whole the building is well operated and the facility team is doing a good job.

A building’s BMS and other systems are finely tuned pieces of equipment that perform thousands of tasks, therefore regular checks and controls can save building owner’s and tenant’s large sums of money just by monitoring and tuning of the system.

A Siemens BMS is installed in the building which enabled our team to gain valuable information regarding each individual component of the HVAC system, lighting, elevators, fire systems etc. and also check the quality of any updates performed by the original BMS installer.

We detected several areas for improvement concerning the current inability for tenants to easily access their energy consumption data (which is becoming a requirement). Additionally, we made some suggestions regarding CO2 and air pressure metrics as the BMS dashboard was showing less than optimal readings.

The lighting control system was also the focus of some attention and we recommended programming dimming into certain areas.

One interesting point concerned our recommendation to use the skylights as a source of ventilation. Although these are connected to the fire exhaust system there is allowance by law for use in general ventilation of the building that can save money and improve air quality.